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Fancy Dishes and Kitchen Commonplaces

I subscribe to the Common-Place newsletter, and the newest issue contains Fancy Dishes and Kitchen Commonplaces

"The following recipes have been extracted from assorted cookbooks published during the Age of Experiment. Most recipes predating 1840 were designed for hearthside cookery; those post-1840, for cookstove preparation. As you will see, they are facsimiles, reprinted here exactly as they were written for nineteenth-century cooks. The challenge and pleasure of updating them for the twenty-first century kitchen are yours. Bon appétit!"

New Camelot Comm

I've added to my community collection, so in addition to this comm, I've created a community for Camelot and related King Arthur discussion, fic, art.

On LJ: isleofglass

On Dreamwidth: [community profile] ynis_witrin


Old West Icons

I've made a batch of old west icons from the TV series 'Magnificent Seven'.

A taste:

The rest are over here.

Who Reads an Early American Book?

That's the subject of the current issue of Common-Place.


Hello everybody! I've come with arms full of book recommendations. 2, anyways; they are: The Secret History of the Pink Carnation and The Masque of the Black Tulip by Lauren Willig. They are the first 2 books out of a series containing 5 books.

They're actually amazing, I read them each in only a day or so, or a few hours. They're basically about what happens to a group of English spies during the Napoleonic Wars/around that time (late 1700's into the first decade of the 1800's). It's kind of loosely based on spies such as the Scarlet Pimpernel.
Either way, the books are insanely and irrevocably hilarious, romantic, entertaining, suspensful, interesting, sexy, even...oh and there's tons of adventure!

So other than this recommendation, let this be a LAUREN WILLIG FRIENDING MEME.
I've looked all over livejournal and I can't find a single community devoted to any of her books, or her personally! So I was just wondering if I was the only one out here who genuinely liked her, or the only one who would join and participate in a community on her/her amazing books.

Classical Piano Question

What would be a piece of classical music that a very talented 11 year old could learn on the piano? Pre 1870.

As you might have guessed, it's for fic :)


30 Renaissance Art Icons

Hi! I'm Rebecca and I've been lurking around here for awhile when, finally, I found something to post! It said in the rules that icons were allowed...

I love Renaissance art. Who's with me?
If anyone has any questions on the paintings themselves just ask, there's also some info on the post in my journal (the link is at the bottom of the post.)
As always, comment, credit and enjoy! ^^ Oh and telling me which ones are your favourite would help a lot. :D


Here at rebeccarand987 (my journal)


Fic: 'We'll Sing On' (01/01)

Title: We'll Sing On
Author: ithildyn
Rating: PG
Warnings/Notes: PG, Magnificent Seven/Highlander, many thanks to strangevisitor7 for the beta and the inspiration.
Character(s): Chris Larabee, OFC
Summary: Chris looks to mend some fences with Ezra's family.